Hayes IT was founded to provide the highest quality IT consultancy, services and solutions to the business sector.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your business in order to deliver the most effective solutions to meet your requirements. With expertise and capabilities ranging from defining IT strategy and managing IT projects through to server installations and desktop support, our highly skilled and experienced team will work with you to meet the challenges facing your business.

We work successfully with a wide range of companies across market sectors: small local creative agencies and sole traders; UK-wide property management firms; or pan-European television corporates to name but a few.

The thing is that none of that makes us different: any company that doesn’t understand your business, has poorly trained staff and doesn’t respond to your questions shouldn’t be getting your money. We can’t emphasise that point enough.

So what does make us different?

The IT industry can appear impenetrable to anyone for whom IT isn’t a core interest. There are multiple layers of complexity, compatibility issues around every corner, myriad technical terms, and very little understandable guidance. At best not fully understanding an IT subject can be frustrating. At worst it can lead to expensive project overruns, business infighting or embarrassing infrastructure failures.

We can advise on, design, build and support IT whilst explaining exactly what we’re doing and how it’s going to be of benefit. Within larger organisations, we can liaise between the business, their technical suppliers and management groups to remove frustration and aid seamless communication.

Or simply, we can just help you purchase a computer to get you started.